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Lists with This Book. Mar 25, Jennifer Tse rated it really liked it Shelves: I think Myles Munroe did a great job explaining why it's so important to wait before we date.

It's harder not to have an "undivided heart" when you're not single anymore. I love that song!! However, I don't like how he tries to I think Myles Munroe did a great job explaining why it's so important to wait before we date. However, I don't like how he tries to appeal to the mass audience by saying that he thinks "adolescents mature at different rates, and girls usually mature faster and earlier than boys do.

That is so true! Some children may be ready to date at the age of 13, while others may be 18 before they are ready. A person's readiness to date is largely a matter of maturity and environment. Also cause he title one chapter "Friendship-Building: The Purpose of Dating. I have male acquaintances and casual friends who I have no interest in dating I also really liked his example from Adam's story in Genesis. Loneliness is a spiritual disease. Adam was alone beause he was the only one of his kind, but he was completely fulfilled as a person.

In tending the garden he had meaningful work to do He was preoccupied with doing what God had told him to do that he sensed no need for a mate. Apparently, the thought never entered his head.

Providing a mate for Adam was God's idea, Adam was completely self-fulfilled; he was ready for a mate when he did not need one. Christ-like character is not built overnight. It comes only through committed effort. Friends working together to achieve these common goals will find success easier than those who try to do it alone. I didn't read the last engagement chapter cause there is no need for me to read that now. Dec 16, Eddie rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Jul 13, Korir Ruto rated it really liked it.

I really enjoyed reading the book, as a christian in today's modern world , the issues of dating and courtship have been made more complex. But myles monroe puts everything into perspective and brought out a lot of things into the light. May 21, Theo Natalie rated it really liked it.

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A friend recommend this book to me. I must say I'm impressed. Jul 29, Alana added it. Jul 04, Ivana Abakah added it. Oct 08, Victoria Ariwita rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book helps me a lot in finding the right way to start and have a relationship with my boyfriend. We keep search in the right purpose and guidance in our relationship, according to God.


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Reading this book, made me get a clear purpose in what and a relationship should be, and taught me to learn more about the guidance. I really recommend this book, for those who are in relationship, to have a Christian way in relation, not only with men and women, but mostly, with God. Feb 19, Bola rated it really liked it. This book does help give insight on how to have a very Christian relationship but at the same time I did not agree with everything that was written.

For example only people who know God knows what true friendship is. I do not fully agree. Nov 22, Virgilyo Souza rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I've read many books from Myles Munroe, they are all great. He writes and such a clarity and understanding of the issues we face in today's society. Wanting and Dating doesn't disappoint.


Jul 23, Gabby Chalmers added it. I have a summary. View all 7 comments. Nov 03, Kapaw Saw Hsar rated it really liked it. For those who are single or going into the stage of marriage, this book will be helpful. The wisdoms from this book are very valuable.

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Here is the summary I learned from this book. There are 4 stages. A time to learn to be independent , find your purpose and get stable intimacy with God. This stage is considered as part of marriage. Consider as one but no sexual intercourse. May 18, Vincent de Paul rated it liked it. Good things come for those who wait the saying goes , and Myles Munroe has captured it well in this book. Base your dating expectations on God, make it a choice rather than a need, and let God into your dating life.

It is a nice book, a nice read but for non-believers, just don't rush in where even the angels fear to tread Good things come for those who wait the saying goes , and Myles Munroe has captured it well in this book. It is a nice book, a nice read but for non-believers, just don't rush in where even the angels fear to tread. Jul 23, Yane Riana Putri rated it it was amazing.

Oct 13, Brenda Seefeldt rated it liked it. I've heard a lot of praise for this book being practical and transforming. I didn't get that but that could just be me. Nov 30, Nokwanda Mzimela rated it really liked it. Mar 01, Fred rated it it was amazing. Even if you are in a relationship I strongly suggest that you read this book. When it comes to understanding the purpose of Dating, getting engaged, and then getting married, this book teaches and leaves your ready for a long lasting relationship.

God designed marriage but over the ages man has perverted its purpose. This book will return us to that original purpose. I bought this book many months ago and read it in two weeks. It was good and useful but I wasn't smart enough to really use and follow the main points mentioned in this book, such as, "putting God first," walking the "friendship ladder," and "what to look for in a partner. Folks, to save your time, money and energy, I highly recommend you get this book and the two books below.

If money is the issue, save up as much as you can just to get this book alone.

Read it and reread it along with your regular daily devotion with God, because the truth is, every marriage should be based on a strong relationship and every strong relationship should derived from strong friendship. To build each step by step well, it takes time and patience, but is possible, especially with the help of God and Holy Spirit. The best part about this book is that all the necessary information is packed in only pages: Many of you can read that in one day, especially when you're used to reading college textbooks.

Also this book is a guideline to marriage. Munroe doesn't teach life after marriage, this book leads the readers to a successful marriage.

Waiting and Dating : Myles Munroe :

It is made in the order from, preparing to date, finding the right person as well as know what to look for, then onto building friendships and lastly, engagement. Let me warn everyone not to speed up a friendship or relationship because knowing your "significant other" takes great amount of time.

Just like you can't lose wight overnight or know God overnight, nor should you try to know your partner overnight.